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Antarctica 2018-2019

Antarctica-2018. On the website there is a film about preparation for the Antarctic expedition on all-terrain vehicles YEMELYA. The film was produced by Maria Makhach.

Antarctica 2018. The trip on Yemelya ATVs is timed to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctic Continent by the Russian expedition under the command of Bellingshausen and Lazarev. Valdis Pel'sh, who in the recent time is engaged in making documentary films, proposed us to endeavor an autonomous journey on the Southern continent visiting the three poles: the South pole, the southern Pole of inaccessibility and the Pole of cold (station Vostok). The length of the planned route is over 6000 km. A documentary film will be made during our journey. What are we planning to study and understand, bearing in mind that the South pole has been reached many times already on Toyota Hilux ATVs modified in Iceland by engineers of Arctictrucks company? Here is the answer:

Our «YEMELYA» off-roaders have passed extensive preparation and upgrade taking into consideration the specifics of Antarctic Continent. This includes high altitudes, strong winds with fine, all-pervading snow, very hard zastrugi (snow ridges), "snow swamps", etc. We are working, preparing, doing our best.

ÌËÀÝ-2015. On the website there is a film about MLAE-2015 «Way home». Leave your comments on page of the author of film Alexey Ushakov.

MLAE-2015. Message from the leader of MLAE-2015 Vasily Yelagin: "We are in Dudinka. Arctic round-the-world trip more than 16 thousand kilometers is completed."

MLAE-2015. The planned start date of the expedition - March 1, 2015. Total length of the route from Barrow to Dudinka is about 6000 km. Read about all the events in the expedition diary.

Double V RED FOX Satellite Telecom

MLAE-2014. 19.04.2014. Message from MLAE-2014 leader Vasily Yelagin: "We are at Barrow; the expedition is interrupted due to falling behind schedule and quite complicated condition of ice in Bering Straight."

MLAE-2014. 05.03.2014 Today at 11:00 expedition SIAE-2014 consisting of: Elagin Vasily, Obihod Vladimir. Shkrabkin Alexei, Kozlov Nikolai, Kuptsov Vladimir, Ishakov Albert flew from Moscow to Ottawa with transfer in Toronto. Read about all the events in the expedition diary .
Main sponsor of the expedition MARUSSIA company "MARUSSIA"

MLAE-2014. The planned path of return to Russia in the spring of 2014. 7000 km. along the coast of Canada, the U.S. and Russia. Here you can see the path of MLAE-2014 in Google Earth.

MLAE-2013 In the February issue of "World 4x4" magazine, "FROZEN MAJESTY" article about MLAE-2013 expedition has been published.

MLAE-2013 Announcements. Read the expedition's diary.

On the 9-th of May MLAE team has reached the village of Resolut. Happy Victory Day to everybody!

April 30, 2013. Ocean is behind us, we are on the fast ice now. Coordinates are N 83°07,928' W 075°59,059'.



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On the progress of the Marine Live-Ice Automobile Expedition

On April 6, 2013 the Marine Live-Ice Automobile Expedition which started in February 2013 has achieved its intermediate goal of reaching the North Pole from the closest land. It is the second time in the history of world auto industry that cars reached the North Pole. Both times this was done using “Yemelya” vehicles specially designed by the leader and organizer of the expedition Vasily Yelagin and built by the team members.

The expedition team of seven (Vasily Yelagin, Afanasiy Makovnev, Vladimir Obikhod, Alexey Shkrabkin, Andrey Vankov, Sergey Isaev and Nikolay Kozlov) is now preparing for the second difficult step which is to reach the Canadian settlement Resolute using only the fuel they had from the start of the route.

This trans-polar expedition which coincides with the year of Canada’s assumption of chairmanship in the Arctic Council is a powerful and inspiring message for the future success of Russian-Canadian cooperation in Arctic exploration.

Read expeditions diary

February 9, 2013 One of the greatest expeditions of the 21st century has quietly started on the perrone of the Yaroslavskiy train station in Moscow. YEMELYA-team: all seven members of the next Marine Live-ice Autmobile Expedition-2013: Makovnev Afanasy, Elagin Vasily, Vankov Andrey, Obikhod Vladimir, Shkrabkin Alexey, Kozlov Nikolai, Isaev Sergey.

MLAE-2011. On March 4, 2011 Marine Live-ice Automobile Expedition is scheduled to leave Urengoy, Russia and, under the flag of the Russian Geographic Society, to traverse the Arctic and the North Pole reaching Resolute Bay, Canada by June 15th 2011. The expedition is organized by Russian Center For Arctic Exploration and carried out under the patronage of the Special Representative of the President of Russian Federation In International Cooperation In The Arctic and The Antarctic the First vice-president of the Russian Geographic Society A.N. Chilingradov. The expeditionary crew will be traveling in two custom built amphibious vehicles "Yemelya-3" and "Yemelya-4" following the route: Urengoy - Dudinka - Dickson - Ostrov Russkij, Kara Sea - Ostrov Sredniy, Severnaya Zemlya archipelago- The North Pole - Ward Hunt, Canada - Resolute Bay, Canada.

Previous expedition MLAE-2009. In 2009 Marine Live-ice Automobile Expedition successfully traversed 2033 kilometers of the Arctic waters and ice between Ostrov Sredniy island of Severnaya Zemlya archipelago and The North Pole. The route took 38 days between 20th of March and the 26th of April 2009. The expedition was carried out under the patronage of Russian President's Special Representative for The International Cooperation in The Arctic and The Antarctic A.N. Chilingradov. The support and safety monitoring of the expedition and the crew was provided by the aviation department of Federal Security Bureau. Expedition was headed by the decorated Master of Sport V.I. Yelagin. Expeditionary crew consisted of seven people. Vehicles used to traverse the ice and water en-route were two custom designed and built vehicles "Yemelya-1" and "Yemelya-2" with three axels and 6x6 wheel drive equipped with diesel engines, low pressure tires and cargo trailers.

RUSSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS: The primary purpose of the MLAE-2009 - field testing of the vehicle capabilities on the floating ice terrain and reaching the North Pole by motor vehicle - has been successfully accomplished. The record of this unprecedented achievement now belongs to Russia. Previously, vehicles of this class had only been used for adventure sport purposes. However, at this point, Russian Center For Arctic Exploration have the capability to offer these unique amphibious vehicles to interested organizations and Northern communities for the purposes of search and rescue, traveling, hunting and scientific exploration. "Yemelya" - is a reliable new generation vehicle designed for safe transportation over various surfaces ranging from Tundra forests and winter lakes and rivers to floating ice of the Arctic ocean.