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Diary of expedition
During expedition SIAE-2008 (Sea Ice Automobile Expedition) shootings a video data for creation of 60-serial television film (for 45 minutes each series) which will be shown on telechannel RNTBC-Yamal (All-Russian National Television and Broadcast Company). One series will correspond every day of expedition. Shootings will be made on format HDV with a sound accompaniment. Real difficulties of overcoming of ice route by cars in the conditions of the beautiful and severe nature of ice desert with hummocks, ice-holes, a frost, snowstorm, light of early morning, a bright decline, the night star sky will be reflected in a teleserial. The personal characteristics of expedition participants, their attitude to difficulties, to the nature and to each other will be gradually shown in every new series. Record of direct speech in the chamber will allow each of them to become the desired hero for the spectator of every evening tele-show. For audience also will be very interesting the details of a life and cooking in extreme conditions, the feature of technical decisions and the ideas applied in the construction of cars. During expedition daily illumination of events SIAE-2008 will be provided directly from a route by means of satellite phones Iridium.

May, 16, 2008 

We are in Yamburg. We have reached successfully. We were in time up to an active ice drift. Now the business is for small - to disassemble the cars Yemelya and to go by lorries to Moscow.

May, 15, 2008 

We have passed village Tadebjajaha. We have impression as in Stalker - the houses are thrown which are assorted on fuel by two Nenets families. They graze harts at some distance. The doors are clap, the windows are broken. The snow is deep everywhere, that's why we move slowly. The coordinates of location on 10.00 Moscow time: 70°15'557"N, 73°54'131"E

May, 14, 2008 

We went to Ob gulf and we move toYamburg. We was backing away from attempt to reach a pole - since April, 29th the Borneo ice air station is closed, we would remain without support of aircraft. We have decided to not risk. From cape Arcticheskiy on Northern Land we have gone down on 4 degrees to the south, have passed distance as from Moscow up to Sochi. And on weather the is same difference - now 0 degrees. A snow is wet, heavy, under it is water. Speed is about 15 kilometers at an o'clock. We are going more quickly, than aside Northern Land. We have got experience, machines was running, all have repaired everything. We have left one trailer with products till next year on island Golomyanniy, now we are going with three trailers. One our crew consists from three people, it creates the certain problems. Nikolay Nikulshin could not participate in expedition, he was remained as reserve. He busies in other project - creation and manufacture of the serial cross-country vehicle - the Project "Z". On site www.z-project.ru everybody could familiarize with it and comparing with ours. The coordinates of location on 7.00 Moscow time: 71°59'598"N, 74°29'732"E.

May, 13, 2008 

Last night were on Dickson, have refueled. To be late did not become and already in 4 mornings have left. Three hours got over through an ice-hole from the ice breaker, we move in I shall shift islands Sibirjakova. The coordinates of location on 9.00 Moscow time: 73°00'134"N, 80°35'132"E.

May, 12, 2008 

We are going into the mouth of the Uboinaya River. We moved on a straight line by Morzhovo Island. To Dickson are 60 kilometers. We shall look winter tent and shall go through hills in 10 kilometers from the sea. The coordinates of location on 9.00 Moscow time: 73°38'875"N, 82°24'920"E.

May, 11, 2008 

We have passed Leningradtsev passage, we are on Nerpichy Island. The moving is become heavier: the fresh snow has dropped out. A grey stale winter snow are dense, machines goes easily on it. But fresh white drifts are snowing, snow like on spring is friable, and machines slipped. The weather is warm, from the cars roofs jets water. The coordinates of location on 9.00 Moscow time: 74°45'036"N, 86°50'513"E.

May, 10 2008 

We are going on the sea. We have passed Eklips cape. Movement does not interrupt. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time 75°39'873"N, 90°53'834"E.

May, 9 2008 

With a holiday of a victory! We are moving without undue incident and long stops. We have passed passage Palander. We want to call on the Nansen Island, to look for parking of "Dawn" yacht. Historical places are involved, without feeding finds of interest it is difficult to continue the moving. Everything around all is monotonous; losing feeling of time and space, it is necessary to stimulate yourself somehow. Eyes catch at any moving objects in flat ice desert of. Therefore we are glad to see someone alive we see. First time for all time of a trip saw a polar owl. Observed of the she-bear with bear cubs near hole, mother has learned her kids to catch the seal. When we refueled solar oil on the parking, the big polar bear, experienced, with biting nose has approached about 70 to us - but extraction we have not involved him so he didn't come closer to us.

May, 8 2008 

We have left from Chelyuskin cape at 4 a.m. and for four hours have passed 116 kilometers. Weather is shiny, springing, temperature is -15 degrees. For long time me went along a line of high hummocks which went in two-three kilometers from coast. It would be even terrible to assume to move on it. And we went on parallel hummocks on the ideal-smooth fresh ice. In the early morning the thick, clumsy bear has come to us. He rolled on a snow, bathed. Then he have notice us, he goes back. We went behind him with speed of 10 kilometers to per hour. Then he has probably got used to us and has passed from the clumsy lynx to the steps. But all the same he has changed the route - first went on the north, then has turned together with us on the south. We are moving to the side of Toll gulf. We are planning to visit friends on the Sterlegov cape station. First cars Yemelya we conduct in two changes, each pair for 12 hours. The drivers of second Yemelya are replaced each other 3 hours - there three of them it is uneasy. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time 77°03'582"N, 101°16'090"E

May, 7 2008 

In the early morning we have arrived to a frontier post on the Chelyuskin cape. Passage we have passed for 8 hours, the road there has borrowed for two days. The sun and visibility is good. And the skill of driving on hummocks has already appeared, we have learned to pass it off in hand. We have noticed, that the ice in passage moves, near the bar hummocks blow in, which wasn't there. On the bar we shall remain for day-two: to check a running part. Kleopatra dog has reached the native home where she was met by own growing up puppies in bayonets: and doesn't should to throw. Here also has appeared, that her name is Sleeve. The owner was delighted - she will be a protection against a bear, the small polar bear wanders around gate, and fumble on dumps. The coordinates of location on 4.00 Moscow time 77°43'317"N, 104°15'286"E.

May, 6 2008 

Today the white fluffy snow has dropped out. It has closed everything by equal layer. The relief is not visible absolutely. Around us is absolutely white haze. We went more closer to hills on coast of the Podemnay River. There have an ice eaves and breakages. Nothing is visible in 5 meters belong. The speed is among an ices and hummocks about 4-12 kilometers. In one o'clock by midnight we have supper. A polar bear has come to us. He smells a fish which we have put to dog and has ate it. The dog has barked, drove him away, but the bear did not pay to it any attention. Weather is warm: - -5-7 degrees. The ice is wet everywhere. We hurry up back, we still should pass the most harmful thing - the rivers hammered by the melted ice. Greetings to all those pull for us! The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 78°34'260"N, 105°29'628"E.

May, 5 2008 

We are at polar station Peschanny Cape. The polar explorers were left it long time ago. Here was a wind-driven generator, five small houses and library. We were here on April, 19th. Today in the early morning the sun was appeared. The relief at last becomes visible and it was easier driving a car. But it was not for long, has clouded everywhere again, a haze has come, but not white, as the last days, it was lightly grey. Weather is coldly, -25 degrees. We are going on the south. When we are choosing the rate, have conferred long time and have decided: a rate to home. Our Klepa dog has become cheerful, was fluffed up, running and barking. There were many the bear traces, to sixty on one field. Bears are going as on a track. Here were many tracks; they are crossed among itselves - a track for greater bears, tracks for small. Often we are going on traces of bears, when we search a way for cars among hummocks. They passed hummocks too. We went difficultly. The lakes covered by a snow formed around icebergs. They can't be distinguished from the ice and it easily to break down. But in that case Kevarov tail-rope make by firm "Liros" is helping to us. It is lightly and very strong. Sending photos is difficultly. Phones "Iridium" gives very low speed of the information transfer - about 358 bats in a second. For 30 images transfer needs some hours. During unceasing driving and complex ice conditions it difficultly to do. But we had interesting photos. All members of expedition have received cameras Nikon COOLPIX. They are small, handy, but if you hardly will press down - breaking, when you put in a pocket. Only two pieces not damaged. What a pity, but they make the most alive pictures. We removed landscapes by camera Nikon D2X, in format NEF. The camera is good - it works without a cover in -30 degrees. Today there was a shooting on a background of icebergs with flags of sponsors. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 79°26'449"N, 102°20'770"E.

May, 4 2008 

We are going day and night. In the last three days was a white haze, the relief is not visible, we are going blindly. At the wheel we have to rely only on balance feeling. The full impression that cars go up. We look around in searches of any reference points - blue peaces of ice have appeared somewhere sticking out from under the snow - we are pleased. In the morning the sun become shinning - it was possible to shooting. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 79°57'403"N, 99°51'220"E.

3 May 2008  

We are going on the south along the Academy Nauk glacier. It height is approximately meters 50. The split rough tongue goes down to the sea. We are moving as usually day and night. The coordinates of location on 9.00 Moscow time: 80°26'658"N, 97°27'025"E.

2 May 2008  

We have reached the most northern point of Northern Land archipelago. We are on cape Arcticheskiy!!! The record of 1990 is repeated! It was at 7 o'clock 52 minutes. We have opened a bottle of champagne - we were celebrating this. We have passed 3208 kilometers. The cape Arcticheskiy is a glacier, with a dome almost 75 meters of height. This dome is approximately kilometers ten in diameter. The ice plane, continuous hummocked ice opens ahead. We have made a decision - further didn't go on the north. Ice conditions didn't afford to move forward far from a land. We consider that the minimum program is - to reconnoiter the possible ways and to check up Yemelya in complex conditions - we executed. We have arrived from the West on a cape. There still never passed motor transport where we moved before: on east party of Komsomolets island up to Ldinka island. Then we have turned on the west and have passed on edge of Polarniy glacier, and have gone along the western part of island up to the Arcticheskiy cape. We have seen a surrealistic show when the white haze has dissipated which accompanied with us some days: three machines ZIL-151, rusty and terrible, one is turned, was stood on ice columns as on pedestals. Mountain from the barrel is everywhere, have check up it - with gasoline, and a heap of boxes is with unknown cargo. Tractor is hardly in the distance. Probably, somebody has delivered a cargo after war and for what - does not understand. Everything how was told by Vadim Shapiro who has reached on cars this point in 1990. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 81°16'474"N, 95°41'115"E.

1 May 2008  

We are on cape the Lokot, are thinking how to move in future. On a straight line we went from the Machtoviy island, on road have rounded the Rose Luxembourg cape. The white haze is everywhere, the sun not comes out, and the relief is not visible. And living creatures not comes out too, only bears traces are everywhere. We congratulate everybody with a holiday: the Labour, the Peace and May! Expeditions of each countries, let's join together! The coordinates of location on 14.00 Moscow time: 80°47'620"N, 97°48'336"E.

April, 30 2008  

We are moving on the north. We have passed Krasnaya Armiya passage; we are in area of Machtoviy Island. It was difficult in passage - a lot of free water. Therefore the Gosiniy peninsula we did not begin to bypass, and have crossed overland. Having left passage, we have found out a good reliable ice. We are going day and night, distinction is only in weather. Usually the day is cloudy, the sky is clouded and the relief is not visible. And at night the sun hangs precisely in the north, around light is yellowish-lilac and everywhere is beautifully. In Cazar absence we call Kleopatra just a dog. She was not offended by us - we feed her by a frozen fish. Now our goal - to reconnoitering ice conditions, to advance on 200-250 kilometers as it be. The coordinates of location on 14.00 Moscow time: 80°15'313ФN, 97°26'167ФE.

April, 29 2008  

We spent a few days on a polar station on the Golomyaniy island, repaired cars and at 0 o'clock we go out on the Sredniy island. While we on station, there was a bear, he walked absolutely calmly, didn't pay attention on everyone. Dogs are like mosquitos for him. We took pictures and video. On the Sredniy island we wanted to take dogs, which were there, but we took only Cleopatra. While we were away, helicopter arrived, brought workers goldsniper mess. There were Julieta`s owner, and he took her home. And Cezar was attacked by local dogs. He became a leader, but they unit against him and avenge. They tear up him very heavily. Frontier guards put Cezar lie. In two weeks there will be a helicopter and carry him to Dickson.Now we are going to strait of Krasnaya Armiya northerly of island Poteryaniy. We always meet big sections of water, covered with snow. It's nice, that our cars Yemelya stand the test. They are big, comfortable, while one member of the expedition is driving a car; others are having a rest-such construction allowed to live there. We are driving almost 24 hours with small stops. Yemelya not sink, drift and don't get wet. It dries inside. It has a wrench, so it helps to pull out the cars. Transfer number in transmission at Yemelya is low; than at other machines, therefore we use 5 speeds of transfers, on the first - we crept out, on the second - we started. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 79°57'031ФN, 94°20'153ФE.

April, 25 2008  

We are on a polar station on Golomyaniy Island. Vasily Elagin and Ivan Kuzhelivckiy have been here already in 2004, that's why we were met as old friends. At station there were Svetlana and Anatoly Omelchenko, the others are in holidays. Anatoly is tremendous mechanic: all technics by way of, a workshop in an ideal condition. We also have decided on the basis of to borrow at it in operating repair. We plan to move further but after Ivan will lead investigation of ice conditions with pilots. Polar explorers went to the aquifer appliance on the laid wooden floorings and it is obligatory with signal pistol in hands - from polar bears. Sometimes it is necessary to go on cars Ural and from a footstep to take readings of devices. Along coast are very tall hummocks - meters six-seven. And ice-hole is in passage, around it bears come together. The coordinates of location on 11.00 Moscow time: 79°33'089"N, 90°34'031"E.

April, 24 2008  

We are on a frontier post of island Sredniy. We arrived there at 4 a.m. on local time. Coordinates it is not opened because of a mode of privacy. We have passed passage of Krasnaya Armiya, up to Furmanov cape went along coast. The weather is shiny, warmly enough. Therefore we moved quickly. Our dog friends have unexpectedly met the fellow villager - on Sredniy from the bar to Chelyuskin cape by the helicopter have brought a dog. And we have reached by the machine - the meeting was joyful.

April, 23, 2008  

We are still in passage of Krasnaya Armiya on Poteryanny Island. Yesterday we have returned to cape the Gosiniy Nos on peninsula Gosiniy. We have passed on an isthmus of peninsula Goose to a bay Tihaya and cape Medvezhiy and on an ice to island Krugliy. From it have reached island Poterjanyj. Today the weather is good, the sun is shiny. But water is covered by snow, which still creates difficulties. On all passage from under a snow triangular fragments of icebergs are visible. Our dogs rush on them, bark, drive away their and proud come back. They have lead this night in machines, had a rest, at them the wool has dried up. Now they are joyful and full of courage. The coordinates of location on 11.00 Moscow time: 79°56'131"N, 94°19'463"E.

April, 22, 2008  

We are in Krasnaya Armiya passage. The parts of pure water mixed up with ice are to be found, covered by sleet under which nothing is visible. Trailers have sunk at night, we were have to extend. Now weather is bad, snowstorm, visibility is bad. Moving is difficult, we put landmarks. We come back to cape the Gosiniy Nos on peninsula Gosiniy, we shall search for an opportunity to pass on coast. The coordinates of location on 7.00 Moscow time: 80°06'N, 95°02'E.

April, 21, 2008  

We are on the middle of Krasnaya Armiya passage. We moved on the big arch from Berg's cape - passed hummocks. We saw gulls - after many polar bears it a pleasant surprise. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 80°07'191"N, 95°35'537"E.

April, 20, 2008  

We have passed the Naydenysh island. We have not done without incidents: spent the night on an ice, and one of trailers has failed in water, the broken wheel was have to repair. We are moving on east coast of October Revolution island. In fast motion we took dogs in the cars, when we went slowly on hummocks - they let out. According to him, we celebrated Sergey Penzova's birthday doubly. When he drove a car, has called in a spade under a big corner and the car began to filled up on sideways. It was so slowly, but has inevitably lain down densely on the left side. It was have to trouble with a car, have undermined a snow and have set it on vertically. Everything turned out all right. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 79°45'531"N, 100°07'592"E.

April, 19, 2008 

We are in the Shokalskiy passage; we are going from Peschany cape. We have left the Bolshevik island, we are going of October Revolution islands side. Everywhere is a lot of hummocks, we were have to dodge, the speed is about 10-12 kilometers per our. On Northern Land (Severnaya Zemlya) which have named by Nikolay's II Land in beginning of XX century, the traces of active development of polar breadths in the thirtieth years were meeting. On Peschany cape have found the thrown polar station: bears smashed а pane, high snowdrifts swept in rooms. On a table thrown Lenin's book is laing, and survived by miracle Illich's bulb hung under a ceiling. Our new members of expedition have already accustomed and have started the duties as they understand it: yesterday have lifted the white she-bear with two bear cubs. They have driven away from the cars on decent distance and have returned. The she-bear has probably hidden cubs somewhere and in the morning has returned. "Yemelya" started, and she-bear ran ahead, from cubs allocating terrible essences far away. And forty minutes is same way, until it feels, that nobody care about her. Dogs basically turn around the cars. When we pick up the speed at night, they probably get tied. We were have to invite it inside: Cezar with girlfriend Kleopatra and with while anonymous third dog slept off and had a rest. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 79°25' 984"N, 102°26'212"E.

April, 17-18 2008  

We are going from Chelyuskin cape, we are crossing Vilkitski strait and moving in a direction to Vaigach cape on Northern Land (Severnaya Zemlya), bypassing it from east party. If we moved on the West, we would go to Solar bay - to the place, where snipers wash gold in the summer. The machine on hummocks went with a speed of 3-4 kilometers per hour. Hummocks should be overcome with the aim of ax and icepick (handles with a knob) - we are going in front of cars and cutting an ice. Equal fields are meeting among a heap of hummocks where the speed reaches 25 kilometers per our. The frost is -20 degrees with a wind. From Chelyuskin cape three dogs are going together with us who protect us and drive away polar bears. One was called the Pirate, another - Cezar, the third while has remained anonymous. We fed their by frozen fish. The coordinates of location on 8.00 Moscow time: 78°17'563"N, 104°44'935"E.

April, 16 2008 

We are on the cape Chelyuskin. We are cost near the rook Amudsen's hands folded. Beside the boundary post has stand a rusty machine gun. Moving along the coast. To approach to coast has stirred screwing ice - the height of hummocks was from 2 up to 4 meters. Was impossible to trying to make the way. And only near with cape Chelyuskin hummocks have disappeared and there was a smooth road. On the outpost we may lead, probably, the whole day. It would be desirable to have a rest, to lead the next repair. Despite of a cold and pressures all participants feeling well. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 77°43'317"N, 104°15'286"E.

April, 15 2008 

On April, 15th, it stands on the Toll gulf. We are far from coast, the equal surface around us. The firm, that is important. Wind and sun, temperature comfortable - 25 degrees at all. Have a stuck in a friable snow at night. Have trying to move from a place and on jerk has broke a shaft. It was necessary to change. Passed the Kolchak island. The interesting history has connected with these places. Expedition of baron Toll was gone here. Kolchak, have found the necessary sum on the organization of searches, has gone on searches on dog rig. All that he has find out - the frozen together documents and any things. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 76°41'963"N, 100°30'149"E.

April, 13 2008 

Have stay almost day on the place - in the Taymyrskiy passage. All night turned around of machines - repairing. In occasion of the reasons of breakage we do not converge in opinions, but intervention of strange forces has not managed. When passed islands of Nablyudeniya, have found a strange artefact - the arch combined from stones, and beside the trap laid. One of participants of expedition in an impulse of archeologic curiosity has taken a trap and has decided to keep it as a find. Have tried to overpersuade - it doesn't make of. Have gone and the strangenesses has begun - someone has hoarse, someone has coughing. And then was a breakage. Have rejected superstitions and began to repairing. In this creative pastime have lead a night. In the morning have gone way forward. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 76°07'913"N, 96°00'793"E.

April, 12 2008 

The Day of astronautics has met in Fram passage. A historical place - here Nansen is passed on the legendary ship "Fram". There is a silent clear weather, has become warmer - -7-5 degrees. The sky is blue, tightened easy gauze of transparent clouds; it's created interesting illumination which is difficult for transferring in photos. Machines go easily; half of a day goes with speed of 24-26 kilometers per hour. Has interesting communicated on polar with explorers wintering on Sterlegova cape: the chief of a meteorological station and two meteorologists, the chief and the engineer of the radar station located in pair of kilometers with him as company wintered. It has many years been thrown. In this summer it will restore and starting for maintenance of system GLONASS. Waiting for navigation - on a vessel have to deliver the equipment. So the life here is boils. We are alive and healthy. Joint meal is arranged once a day, in the evening on one of the machines. We eat stroganina, and cooking soup. Water has heating from a snow. When on coast - it is convenient, a snow fresh. On the ice the frozen snow is impregnated by salt - water is not tasty, it is necessary to search fresh snow-blast layers on the hummocks. The garbage are fairly collected in bags and burnt on evenings. On the road we drink tea, coffee from thermoses, has a snack crackers, sausage. The main are - to move, do not interrupt on long parking. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 76°09' 772"N, 94°48'801"E.

April, 11 2008 

Reduce accelerate of movement. Have rounded peninsula Rybniy on an ice, have passed the Perevalnoe Lake. Standing near island Nerpichy. The director of the Big Arctic reserve has shown bothering - remembers by the last experience, that some expeditions still come on territory of reserve without the permission. But we carefully observed ecological principles - moving on water area, instead of on territory. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 74°47'231"N, 86°57'355"E.

April, 10 2008 

We are moving on a sea ice, crossing Pyasinskie a gulf between the Zveroboj islands and the Plavnikovye islands practically directly on the north. This is territory of the Big Arctic reserve. We going on a side Minina peninsulas which going round. The location coordinates on 8.00 Moscow time 73°51'340"N, 85°19'796"E.

April, 9 2008 

Set on a course. Moving aside of Chelyuskin cape. We are going on the flat coast which has been cut up by ravines, along an edge of the sea. On the sea a hummocky ice sharp outlines of abrupt rocks are visible. Therefore have decided to save time and do not going on the ice. After repair cars "Yemelya" behave perfectly

April, 8-9 2008 

On April, 8-9th, we are on Dickson. Continue machines repair: all command on an elbow in black oil is engaged in operational development of systems. Put new belts on wheels. On Saturday the mayor of Dickson Petuhov Nikolay visit us, has presented picture albums of history of Dickson, told a lot about city history. In the evening on April, 9th we are going to leave a course.

April, 4-7 2008 

On April, 4-7th, have reached Dickson. Find out from local frontier guards that we on a waterway laded by the ice breaker Arctic regions - it is pleasure to be involved in history. By the way, speaking, that it was its last trip - the veteran leaves on the rest. Reach coast long, the chipped frozen together ice of the Yenisei gulf - consequence of active movement of ice breakers. Couple of days we still shall leaded in Dickson. In Gidrometa's garage we put in order machines. Have corrected plans: we leave on April, 8th, in a direction to Chelyuskin Cape.

April, 3 2008 

At night drops under the ice. Moved the gulf Yenisei between the Sibirjakova Island and the Makarevicha cape has got in a waterway of ice breakers. It was impossible to notice in darkness slightly tightened by the ice lead. Under the ice simultaneously send away both machines together with trailers. We are ready to a supernumerary situation: machines have not type water, well keep on the float. We have pulled out one machine by crabs, then another one. One machine are staying in water of minutes forty, other is adjusting after minutes twenty. The filtered water have removed by yacht pumps, we have two small pumps. Long put into the equipment the order. Have continued movement at midday. Up to Dickson there are 60 kilometers, plan to be there by the evening. The location coordinates at 12.00 Moscow time 72°58'097"N, 80°12'292"E.

April, 2 2008 

By the morning goes to the ice between the Oleny island and the Sibirjakov island, we moving through the Ovtsyn passage to a southern part of the Sibirjakov island. The bright sun and a strong frost - was 30 mines then 0 in the morning. Going on a day and night when the weather allows. Yesterday all the day long there was a strong wind and a drifting snow: we saw only the tops of hills, and hardly distinguished the machine going ahead. Cars "Yemelya" behaving well, average speed of movement turns out 12-15 kilometers at an o'clock. Coordinates of a site at 8 o'clock on April, 2nd: 72°28'321"N, 78°30'708"E.

April, 1 2008 

All night long there was a strong snowstorm, therefore stands on a place. Now we are going by the right coast of Ob gulf. We today expect to cross by the ground peninsula and the Gidanskaya gulf and came to Matyuisale. The location coordinates on 8 o'clock on April, 1st: 71°50'565"N, 73°40'034"E.

March, 31 2008  

We are going on the right coast of Ob in the area of Honarasalja cap and going on the ice along coast to the north. The location coordinates on 12 o'clock on March, 31st: 71°23'755"N, 73°00'140"E.

March, 28-30 2008 

Checkup has borrowed time more than it planned, have devoted it more then one day. We have risen not reached the settlement Sejaha some kilometers. One of machines had to come back in settlement Mys-Kamennyy, to solve a technical problem. But it was quite expected situation, so it was consulted. But it was an opportunity to resemble, pay attention to the nature: around ice desert, plain. Somewhere in tundra show hump without a snow. In the afternoon burns a lot, so we go in jackets. In the evening becomes cold up to - -25-30 degrees. The Redfox jackets appear very opportunely. We grumbled that they are tight, and appeared, that such tightens enables do quickly to be warming and keeps heat. Unique lack - external pockets are small, warm mittens are not located. But the abundance of internal pockets enables to place in heat and dryness the whole facilities: phones, cameras, spare a battery and other vital trifles. Cameras Nicon have appeared quite fighting - maintain operation in a frost and a wind, we conduct the photo chronicle of each day. Unfortunately, we can not share with you photos - to transfer on a satellite communication mail is not possible yet.

March, 26 2008 

Expedition has passed settlement New Port on the left side gulf of Ob. We are moving twenty-four-hour during of sharing. At night arriving on GPS and map opened on a computer. Night speed of movement turns out even more then in the day time. On all previous expeditions such of speed of movement wasn't reached. Cars "Yemelya" behaving perfectly, all systems work normally. Released heat of the engine used to provide us hot water: in specially welded vessel heating a snow. On Kamennyy cape after the first 500 kilometers of run we are planning to make the first checkup of cars.

March, 25 2008 

Practically without stops we have passed 200 kilometers. Once it has been necessary to pumping up wheels. We are driving at the day and night, replacing each other. It is possible to pass a big way at night. Around us a flat district, from vegetation - a bush on coast of Ob. In settlement Panaevsk communicated with clauses about car "Yemelya". The location coordinates at 15 o'clock on March, 25th: 66°45'N, 70°14'E. Photos from the beginning were kindly provided BG“RC Yamal.

First Day.  Start of expedition.

On March, 24th automobile expedition to North Pole has started from Salekhard. After Gornoknyazevsk cars of expedition have moved down on the ice of Obi and have gone downstream. Movement speed of cars ЂYemelyaї on the ice cover about 15 km/h. By 0 o'clock on March, 25th expedition has passed settlement Harsoim. The location coordinates 66°39'N, 67°24'E.

Staff of expedition in Moscow

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e-mail: expedition@yemelya.ru


Organizers of expedition

LTD "Northern transport"
"The Central sports club of climbers" named by A.S.Demchenko

Organizing committee

Elagin Vasily
Makovnev Afanassi
Timme Egor
Volodin Victor