Elagin Vasily

DOB: February 20 1953, Moscow.
The organiser and leader of Marine Live-ice Automobile Expedition (MLAE) as well as the Yemelya vehicle chief designer. He has got a degree in geology and holds the title of the International class master of Sport in alpine climbing, being a Merited master of Sports of the USSR. His main achievements are: Mount Everest and Cho Oyu ascents, Kangchenjunga traverse (the Himalayas), Aconcagua (South America), Mount Vinson ascent (the Antarctic). Vasily is into sea sailing, has taken part in Paris-Dakar rally and one of team members for preparation of Paris-Moscow-Beijing rally. Vasily has had an experience of riding 1000 km on a snow scooter Buran. He has participated in a series of vehicle Polar Ring expeditions, which has inspired him to design a vehicle which will reach the North Pole. In March of 2008 his Yemelya vehicle left Salekhard and later that year reached the most northern point of the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago – cape Arctic. In March-April of 2009 he led a group of 7 people which, having started from Severnaya Zemlya in 2 vehicles, reached the North Pole. In 2013, the expedition on the second-generation vehicles «Yemelya-3» and «Yemelya-4» crossed the ocean and covered 4000 km without support from the outside. Nevertheless, this did not help in forcing Alexey Shkrabkin to give up smoking. Vasily participated in MLAE-2008, MLAE-2009, MLAE-2011, MLAE-2013 and MLAE-2014.

Obikhod Vladimir

DOB: September 2 1955, Korosten, Zhitomir region.
Took part in MLAE as a driver-engineer since 2008. Vladimir graduated from MSTU named after Bauman as an engineer-mechanic. He holds the title of the International class master of Sport in alpine climbing. His main achievements are: Khan Tengri, The Peak of Communism, Annapurna, Lhotse and Mount Everest ascending. Vladimir has got a medal for courage. At the moment he is working as an engineer in a scientific research institute. He is the most photogenic of the participants; he is famous for outwearing shoes more than the other members do, not due to elderly scuffling but because of long distance covered during search for passages. He took part in MLAE-2008, MLAE-2009, MLAE-2011, MLAE-2013 and MLAE-2014.

Shkrabkin Alexey

DOB: September 23 1957, Moscow.
He has worked as a climbing trainer for 10 years now. His main achievements are: Mount Elbrus, Shkhara and Kyrgyz-Ata. Alexei has got a grade in climbing, mountain skiing and water tourism. His favourite places are Putorana Plateau, Shantar Islands in the Sea of Okhotsk. Alexey is the only smoker among expedition members, and at the same time possesses excellent appetite, which fact contradicts all scientific theories related to this sin. He took part in MLAE-2009, MLAE-2013 and MLAE-2014.

Kozlov Nikolai

DOB: September 1 1983, Dugna village, Kaluga region.
After finishing school he learnt to be a carpenter and a driver, and then served in the army. After that Nikolai learnt to be a welder as well as a turner, a miller and a mechanic. He can drive heavy-load vehicles, a skidder and an excavator. He has his own timber-mill business. From 2008 to 2012 Nikolai worked as a season driver in geological expeditions in West Siberia. He is the youngest member of the expedition, nevertheless – Chief Mechanic of the expedition. He took part in MLAE-2013 and MLAE-2014.

Ushakov Alexey

DOB: January 5, 1958.
In 1980 graduated Moscow State Geological Prospecting University. Took part in geological expeditions to Karelia, Crimea, Transbaikalia, East Yakutia, Kola Peninsula, Dickson Island, Taimyr Peninsula, Chukotka. In 2003 he finished the course at photographic studio of Pavel Smirnov, and became a freelance photographer. The main photographic instrument — «cardan» camera 45 inches. Together with Obikhod – the most composed and patient team members. He took part in MLAE-2009.

Sklyarov Victor

DOB: November 21, 1953; place of birth: Orlovsky settlement, Rostov region.
In 1975 graduated Taganrog radio-technical institute. For many years he worked in Elbrus region as a researcher at Baksan neutrino observatory of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Master of sports in mountaineering, climber of all seven-thousanders of the USSR – holder of the «Snow Leopard» title, took part in many wall ascents of the highest grade of difficulty. Professional mountain guide. Present occupation – IT specialist. The creator and permanent administrator of the web site of MLAE expeditions. In 2015 expedition he is in charge of communication and navigational support of the team.