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Elagin Vasily
He was born on February, 22nd, 1953 in Moscow. He is the head of expedition SIAE-2008. He graduates as a geologist. He is merited of sports in USSR, the Master of sports in the international class on mountaineering, "The Snow Leopard". In his active are: mounting to the Everest, Cho-Oyu, Kanchendjanga traverse in the Himalayas, mounting to Aconcagua in South America, the Vinson massif in Antarctica, sea sailing travel. He was the rallyman ParisDakar and the rallymaster ParisMoscowPeking. He organized polar automobile expeditions across Urals Mountains, Yamal, Taymyr, Yakutia, Chukotka, and Northern Earth. He designs cars-amphibians, and at leisure is engaged in business.

Makovnev Afanassi
24 1962 . . He was born on March, 24th, 1962 in Moscow. He is expedition film recordist. He graduates as the designer of the microelectronic equipment (IAU), and on a calling the professional guide-organizer of ethnographic travel on dogs and leather Eskimo kayak on Chukotka and Alaska. In his active are: mounting, rafting on the rivers, descents in caves, dog rig races, sea traveling on kayak and on sailing bidarkas cross Bering strait and around of the Beringov sea and alone by a boat around of Chukotski peninsula, polar automobile expeditions to Urals Mountains, Yamal, Taymyr, Yakutia, Chukotka. In the international race on the dogs John Beargrease SledDog Marathon he has won cup Hans Engelson Award. On Chukotka he headed a brigade of the Eskimo hunters on walruses and whales. He has leaded some winter seasons of hunting on floating ice of the Ice-hole Sirenikskya in Bering Sea.

Penzov Sergey
He was born on April, 19th, 1950 in the Kalinin city. He graduates as the engineer-designer (MHTU n. a. Bauman). He is the master of sports in the mountaineering international class, the trainer, "the Snow Leopard", the silver prize-winner in the championship of the USSR. He mounts the Everest, mounting on K-2 without oxygen. He is winner of the premium Golden Piolet Russia. He was medal by "Friendship of People". He works as the informatics teacher in the Severodvinsk city grammar school.

Timme Egor
He was born on May, 12th, 1963 in Chrystalnoe settlement, the city the Red Beam, Lugansk area. He is the USSR master of sports on mountaineering. He rose on tops in the former USSR, in the Europe, in Northern and South America, in Africa and in the Himalayas. He is the organizer of a parachute jump to Lenin top. For participation in creation of the mountain educational center for preparation of special troops he was medal by plaque IT the MIA of Russia "For difference in service". He works executive director in association "The Russian outdoor group" and the teacher at the Russian state university of physical training, sports and tourism on faculty in applied kinds of sports and extreme activity works.

Volodin Viktor
He was born on October, 11th, 1962 in the USSR. He is the master of sports on mountaineering, the military climber and the professional climber. He was the numerous champion and the prize-winner of the championship USSR, Russia, Moscow, Armed forces of the Russian Federation. He mounts the Everest on the North Wall, Middle Lkhocze, on the Western wall K-2 without oxygen. He is the winner of the premium Golden Piolet Russia. He is the president of Inter-regional Public Organization "Central Sport Club of Climbers" of Moscow city.

Obihod Vladimir
He was born on September, 2nd, 1955 in the town Korosten of Zhitomir area. He graduates as mechanic engineer (MHTU n. a. Bauman). He is the Master of sports in the international class on mountaineering, twice win " the Snow Leopard ". He made mount to Khan-Tengri on Northern wall, to Communism peak on the Southern wall, on Annapurnu on the Southern wall, Lkhocze on the Southern wall, to the Everest. He was medal by "For Personal Courage ". He is working as the engineer in SRI.

Kuzhelivckiy Ivan
He was born on October, 4th, 1951 in village Guseletovo of Romanov area in Altay territory. He lives in the Seversk city of Tomsk area. He made class backpackings: mountain across Caucasus Mountains, Pamir, Tyan-Shan, to Altai; water across Altai, Baikal; the walking tour across Kuriles, desert the Kara-Kum; the ski across Pamir, the Earth Frantsa Joseph. On the ski group of the Forwarding Center "Arctic regions" under direction of V.S.Chukov has made independent mount of North Pole in 1994 and crossing of Arctic ocean on ski from Russia coast to Canada through North Pole in 1998 also in an independent mode. He participated in automobile expeditions EC "Arctic regions" across Antarctica (19992000); Yamal, aymyr, Yakutia, Chukotka (2002); to Severnaya Zemlya (2004). He is the master of sports in the international class, the merited tourist of Russia. He was in all expeditions the cameraman. Works as the artificer at the Siberian chemical combine.


Staff of expedition in Moscow

Nina Samsonadze, the chief of a staff
Phone: 8-926-613-08-45     
e-mail: expedition@yemelya.ru


Organizers of expedition

LTD "Northern transport"
"The Central sports club of climbers" named by A.S.Demchenko

Organizing committee

Elagin Vasily
Makovnev Afanassi
Timme Egor
Volodin Victor