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"The Central sports club of climbers" named by A.S.Demchenko

On the cars to the North Pole!

Sea Ice Automobile Expedition (SIAE-2008) is conducted from March till May, 2008 together with Inter-regional Public Organization "Central Sports Club of Climbers". For the first time in practice of Arctic road trips will be made an effort to motor on the ice shell Arctic Ocean above latitude 81° north and reach the North Pole.

At the floating ices Arctic Ocean can move only in special cars equipped by wheels with trunks of low pressure. For the present expeditions on similar transports could reach only extreme point of Severnya Zemlya (Northern Earth) archipelago - cape Arctic (81° 16' north latitude).

Cars-amphibians "Yemelya" on which participants SIAE-2008 are going to overcome the floating ices zone, are designed and constructed in LTD "Northern Transport" with the experience of previous expeditions and results of tests in extreme conditions.

The goal of expedition

Achievement of a geographical point North Pole on cars

Tasks of expedition

  • Testing of the new generation expedition's polar cars in ocean hummocks and ice-holes;
  • Breaking of a sports record in promotion the wheel transports on the North;
  • Confirmation of a Russia priority in the decision complex technical problems in the Arctic region


Two cars-amphibians "Yemelya" and on two trailers to each car

The head of expedition

The Sports Master of the international class Elagin Vasily is the main designer of Arctic cars-amphibians "Yemelya".

Staff of expedition in Moscow

Nina Samsonadze, the chief of a staff
Phone: 8-926-613-08-45     
e-mail: expedition@yemelya.ru


Organizers of expedition

LTD "Northern transport"
"The Central sports club of climbers" named by A.S.Demchenko

Organizing committee

Elagin Vasily
Makovnev Afanassi
Timme Egor
Volodin Victor